Preparing for your wedding Photography

Couples portrait at Cripps barn

Now you’re booked, are you prepared for your wedding?

Choose an open space to get dressed.

Let’s get you prepared for your wedding. Let’s think about it, your bought this stunning wedding gown which you have spend at least more than you would ever dream of on and you choose may inadvertently choose to squish it don after keeping it lovely and preserved in its bag since you had it fitted to then choose not only a awkward space to get into it but also, photographically not the most photogenic due to cramps conditions.

Then, depending on the style and size of the dress you may have a staircase to contend with in your house/the house our getting ready in which may prove to be a trip hazard in your sparring princess shoes which you have chosen to compliment your gown. I  have had one bride fall down the top 3 steps in the house having not planned how big the dress would be in comparison to the width of the staircase.

By forward planning where your thinking you may want to get dressed you can set everything up in that room for all suppliers so everyone is together or space them out to create the space you require for the dress going on. There is nothing worse than a hair stylist, make up artist , videographer and photographer scrambling for space in a box room to make sure they get what is required! But remember… Choose somewhere with good light, many people choose a living room or kitchen diner as a bay window or patio doors can not be beaten!


Schedule a chilled 25 mins before leaving prep.

Before leaving your house or room if you’re staying at the venue make sure to allow your finishing preparation time to be at least 20 minutes before you actually have to leave the building/room. This will allow for a few portraits of you and your dad or you  and your bridesmaids  but most importantly it will allow you to begin the process of taking in your day rather than rushing through the day and missing everything.

The day will go fast enough anyway so be sure not to rush  your way though it. This 20 minute window will also allow for the inevitable social videos that the hair and make up will want to capture not mentioning a Tik-Tok with you and your bridesmaids. An early day portrait with fresh make up will inevitably slip nicely into your wedding collection. 


Walk slowly and take it all in. 

Literally do this. When you are all ready to enter the ceremony room for the first time to be surrounded by your friends and family for the wedding ceremony of your dreams be sure to look around the room as you come down the aisle towards your partner. They are all there for you and you are wanting them to see you sanctify your love with your life partner. As a lot of people are walking down the aisle they do tend to rush in anticipation of getting it underway but you really will remember more if you walk slower and look around at who’s there. LET YOUR GUESTS SEE HOW HAPPY AND EXCITED YOU ARE! Also, make sure you pass this onto your bridesmaids… Many bridesmaids only get asked once or twice and they should enjoy the moment and allow a perfect time frame so as I can capture the preceding bridesmaid without trying to dodge them.


KISS YOUR DAD (Don’t forget, It will break his heart)

The moment I want more than any from both of my children’s weddings is the kiss with me as I hand them over to their new partner. That’s what I want most. The amount of brides who forget to kiss their dad at the top of the alter is staggering and it most often ends up in the bride/groom, groom/bride and dad in an awkward exchange where they don’t know who to kiss or have a handshake with! Normally dad is so emotion it would make for an incredible image if people want it. Please guys, just give dad a kiss!


Have an extended kiss with your partner and hold them tightly.  

That moment when you are announced to your wedding party and a married couple and you are asked to kiss, make sure you do share a proper kiss. There is nothing worse for a photograph that a kiss that is half hearted. Have yourself a great kiss and hold each other tightly. Don’t let each other go and embrace it. A full heart warming kiss does wonders for the vibe of the room too. 


Maintain eye contact 

Throughout the ceremony especially you will be mainly facing your partner so be sure to keep eye contact. Emphasise what you are doing with the joy in your face and when you’re not concentrating on exchanging your rings keep strong happy eye contact. It will make the world of difference to magical moments for your gallery. This way as well you will be able to zone out from all of the distractions around you such as photographers and videographers. 


Set a playlist of 3 songs for your couple portraits

Music is a great way to set an atmosphere/generate a feeling. This is the best thing you can do to help be relaxed during your portraits of just you two. Select your 3 favourite songs, have them playing whist we photograph your mini session to break the silence and get you distracted. Simple as that. Make sure you choose ones that have meaning and get you emotional! 


Hold your Bouquet, Not your phone!!

As much as the world is now a so social place right now, EVERYONE else will have their phone with them to forward photos to you. You do not need your phone. How would you feel if when I sent your images through to you that you were on your mobile phone for a lot of the images? This is why we ask for a contact number for someone else other than you so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing that day.

When you get your bouquet out of the water be sure to use a towel to dry off the stems as to not get water on your dress and then do not put your flowers down until you sit for dinner. This will then remove the temptation to find and hold your phone. By all means grab selfies, but do it on everyone else’s phone and make sure they send you them! 


Kiss like you mean it all day long

As have booked me for not know ing where or why I am photographing at any given moment I could be catering you and your partner sharing a moment together. Make sure these moments are plentiful and fully committed. There is nothing like trying to photograph a couple whose lips only just touch for an intimate moment throughout the day. This goes for portraits especially. kiss like you’re really kissing rather than being photographed. you will really appreciate it when you get the images back. 


Organise a napkin wave on entrance to your reception

Many couples still are announced into the wedding breakfast room and this is a great opportunity to get the party atmosphere started early. Choose a great song with meaning to you  and have the best man/person announce you in and ask everyone to be upstanding waving their napkins. Even if you have a few friends who are bigger party people ask them to stand on their chairs for the welcome. This will bring the vibe of the room instantly up and ready for the dance floor to be filled as soon as the band/DJ plays their first banger.   


Search around the Prep room for unwanted things

Many times when I look back at photographs I notice things that are in the room as standard which look awful in photographs. When you get to the preparation location take the time to have a quick look around at what the hotel/accommodation has which is ‘ugly’. Bins and kettles for example are usually in every room of hotels. In air BnB’s, there may be folders for what’s in the local area. Just take 2 minutes to think what is aesthetically pleasing. 

By being prepared you can remember more of your day

- Preparing for your wedding Photography -

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