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Wedding Photography with no posing 


So what is a wedding photography style which doesn’t pose? Unposed, documentary, storytelling, relaxed, or even simply in the moment. In this blog about wedding photography styles I will talk about what makes the style unique and also may appeal to you as the bride or groom. 
Being a documentary wedding photographer, the most valuable piece of kit that I have with me on a wedding day are my ears! The ability to have the awareness of what is going on all around me whist still maintaining focus on my current subject is invaluable.
Documentary storytelling or ‘candid’ photography requires the awareness for everything that is happening in the room. A simple non stopping, no posing attitude ensures that every smile has a chance of being caught. 
Breaking down the labels/terms in this post will hopefully help you to decide if an unposed, documentary style is right for you on your wedding day.



I have compiled a collection of my favourite images captured in a strong storytelling non posed I have taken over the past few years. My favourite are definitely the black and white collection, which work best for you?


What does a photogrpahers style tell you? What does the storytelling style offer over other methods and approaches? The photographers who work to a relaxed, documentary style love nothing more than to let the day flow and capture real moments of real life rather than structure and stage moments throughout your wedding day. It’s not about perfection, it’s about the realism. 

Fine art photographers find the perfect light, and set up the perfect composition with a strong detail to posing and direction. This can be great if that what you love but also may be time consuming on a busy wedding day. Especially in the winter months with shorter days. 

The main difference is that with a documentary photographer you are encouraged to forget about them. Allow yourself to get immersed in your wedding day and look forward to seeing the fun and excitement that your guests had around you. 

Dance like you’ve never danced before.

- Unposed Wedding Photographer Leicester -


So what works for you for your wedding collection? A selection of random pictures from your wedding day or a cohesive time collated collection of what actually happened. The story of who was there, what happened, who kissed who and who had the best dance moves? 

Although the sounds very much like the documentary approach telling the story is more than the images. It depicts what is happening at the wedding, what order and where. The preparations, the ceremony, the celebration, the speeches, the food and the party.

However, the stories within these stories are what documentary photographers pick up on. The relationships between family members, people meeting of the first time in decades and uncle Bob who has had one too many Sherry’s! This is integral to a documentary wedding photographers style and is far removed from the Fine Art photographers methods and practise. 



I use this as my ‘catch phrase’ and stand by this phrase to encompass everything I stand for. Many of my clients do say to me that they hate having their photograph taken but instantly feel relaxed and reassured when I ask them to find more than one image within my site and social channels when the the person/couple are looking into the camera. 

This is because as I’m telling that story I manage to blend in with the guest sand capture the honest non-posed portraits which sell my style. It allows you to enjoy your day and have the best wedding ever without having a photographer in your face all day and you can enjoy your time with your guests and family!


It’s true that great wedding photographs don’t need to be posed. Some beautiful images are created, built and stylised are undoubtably incredible pieces of art. Photo-journalists photographers are reliant on creating photographs that have a deeper meaning than what you see in the picture. 

True emotion, reactions and expressions is what we look for. This is the only way that describes what happened, not what I wanted to happen. 


When I was married many years ago we didn’t have a wedding photographer because we were so uncomfortable having our pictures taken. In hindsight, this was an awful mistake. So this then set me thinking, what about if I could be a photographer who blends in like any other guest. A candid, unposed storyteller for couples who didn’t want to spend the day posing for endless group pictures and could just enjoy the day like I wasn’t there. 

So I slightly changed my approach, became more aware of how I could provide these special memories that could be treasured forever. Using natural light rather than flash or external light panels and embracing the light in the room to keep with the atmosphere on the day. In order to change my approach and become more unposed I needed to become more aware of my senses. 

Observe more, listen more and photograph with both eyes open. This way I will be able to see things that are already happening in the room and not stop to pose anyone. This doesn’t mean that we don’t pose anything it means if mum asks for a picture with you then we can do this in a nice spot in the room or if you would like group shots then we can accommodate these too. When we talk about couples portraits, all I encourage brides and grooms to do is just spend some time alone together. 

Go for a walk, enjoy each others company and let me document your love together.  This is exactly what documenting a day is all about.

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