The Complete Photography Workshop


The Complete Photography Workshop

New to photography? Have an interest in photography? Or are you looking to turn your passion into a business?

This is for you. We are planning a day full of learning, socialising and  photography. All you need is the interest and the willingness to learn along with a camera and lens/selection of lenses so that you can learn ‘your’ camera whist taking part in the scheduled practical side of a styled shoot.

Learn about.

9:30-12:00 – Camera Settings and Lighting. 

12:00-12:45 Break for Lunch and socialise.

12:45 – 3:00 – Shooting styles and Styled shoot.

3:00 – 4:30 – Editing and Archiving/Image delivery/Galleries.

Why 4:30 – 5:30 – Q & A 

Come and join us. 

A bit about me and what I do.

I am a wedding professional photographer. Now I know a lot of people think that they can be a wedding photographer because they have a phone or an actual camera but what makes me different is may approach and style. Having studied for many years in the photography field, HND level and Degree I was fortunate enough to be learning at the time of the digital switch over, meaning I’ve been around since the time it began! I specialise in weddings because I love to photograph people  and capture emotions and moments. These conditions are very transferable as conditions are always changing and depending on time of year, venue and time of day. From challenging light during the preparations to stunning soft church light, harsh side or back light during the reception to stunning golden hour portraits to the dance floor being able to keep the atmosphere whist capturing the detail of the dirty dancing and beyond. 

So why is the workshop for you?

Because you  have the passion to learn and develop (no pun intended) your skills or further your development. Or, you want to tweak, understand more or explore more about your photographic interest. From this course there will be the opportunity to purchase further learning material covering topics such as

  • Lens choice
  • Why consistency is key
  • Promotions and promoting/Advertising 
  • Presets
  • Computers
  • Filesize 
  • Websites 
  • Preparations for days

Live shoot.

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Perfect to attend where ever you want your photographic journey to take you.

- The Complete Photography Workshop -